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About us

Carchain is an innovative company founded in 2020 based in Trieste, Italy. The company was born from the idea of implementing blockchain technology in the automotive industry to enhance the integrity, security, and privacy of the stakeholders.

Unlike the traditional method, we use Dynamic QR codes to link the car advertisement; thereby increasing the car's exposure.

Although Carchain provides several solutions to stakeholders, the focus is on the classic and vintage car market. Therefore, we customize our solutions to safeguard car collectors' main interests, such as originality, history of previous owners, pedigree, mileage, certificates, etc.

We aim to develop the best Distributed Application (DApp) that allows individuals and companies not only to record, certify, verify, and share car information instantly but to make the market more liquid and profitable.

Our Core Values

Passion for Cars, Trust, Transparency, Integrity, Commitment to Customers, and Accountability.

Our Mission

To enrich Carchain stakeholders experience and profitability by providing them with the best solutions to store and share vehicle details, and trade wisely.

Our Vision

To become the world's most loved platform to store and share vehicle data and enhance the classic and vintage car market liquidity.

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